In this article, I write when you should buy jewelleries and to whom you can gift them.

Who & When to Gift Handmade Jewelleries?

There are a hundred reasons why to gift someone jewelleries – choose what suits you best. And of course, there are also so many different people to who you can gift them – starting from loved one, ending with friends and family. You can gift jewelleries for different anniversaries or to just surprise your friends.

Let’s take a closer look to who and in what occasions you can gift jewelries.

Jewelry for Yourself

There are many reasons why to gift yourself handmade jewelleries. For example – different and new outfits, some special event etc. You can choose a suitable one from our selection. If you happen to have a very special event, maybe you want fully custom-made jewellery (with gemstone which means a lot to you, perfect color and style – whatever you wish).

A couple of thoughts when to buy jewelleries for:

New outfit | Christmas | New Year’s Eve | Birthday | Valentine’s Day | Graduating | Going to school | Concert | Theatre | Wedding

Ready-made jewelleries can be seen & ordered from the shop.

When to order:

Some special event (like wedding or some other very important event)

You can make a custom order using this form.

Jewelry for loved one

What can be nicer than pleasure of giving, especially for your special one 🙂

Women want to feel special every day. To help you with that, some thoughts when to surprise her with jewellery:

Anniversary (being together or wedding) | Birthday | Wedding | Christmas | Valentine’s Day | Women’s Day | Mother’s Day | Graduation| Becoming mother | Other important personal events

Jewelry for mother, sister or daughter

Just like you make gifts for your loved one, you can also do that for your mother, sisters, and daughter. Same days are suitable (of course with some small difference):

Birthday | Wedding | Christmas | Valentine’s Day | Women’s Day | Mother’s Day | Graduation | Becoming mother | For showing gratitude

Jewelry for girlfriend

You probably have had and will continue to have many situations when you are invited to the birthday party, but you do not know what you should gift. Here’s the best time to surprise her with something unique. Handmade jewelleries are perfect gifts because usually, you can’t find the same one anywhere. Maybe you can find the perfect one from our selection. If not, you can also make a custom order. Some examples when to gift jewelleries:

Birthday | Valentine’s Day | Christmas | Graduation | Becoming mother (baby should not be the only one who gets something 🙂 ) | To show gratitude | Wedding | Small souvenir

Jewelry for men

Previously we talked only about women, but we can’t forget men. He can be your boyfriend, husband, brother, father or son – just like women, they expect gifts too. Everybody wants to be remembered. Some thoughts when to gift men jewelleries:

Birthday | Christmas | Anniversary (wedding or being together) | Valentine’s Day | Men’s Day | Father’s Day | Graduation | Becoming a father (because why not? 🙂 ) | Wedding

As you can see, jewelry can be a universal thing because you can find something for everyone – for men, women, children and for every taste and wish.

To who you can gift beautiful jewelries?


Stay elegant! 😉


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