In this post, I will talk why and how to take care of handmade jewelleries.

Why take care of handmade jewelleries?

The reason is actually very simple – just like we take care of silver and gold jewelry, we should take care of handmade jewelries. They are often times unique – you can’t find the second one like yours – and that’s why you should take care of them. Yes, you can always let jewelry designer fix or recreate them, but this can be expensive. It’s easier to take care of them 🙂 But how to do that?

There are many easy every-day tips that you can follow (which apply to other jewelries too, not only handmade ones). More about that below.

Storing methods

  • Protect it from moisture and water (washing, sauna, sport, swimming etc.);
  • Protect it from sunlight when you are not wearing it (in a box, mini grip bag etc.);
  • Don’t pull and stretch it (for example, when taking it off from neck; earrings);
  • After wearing, clean it with soft cloth;
  • Do not keep multiple pieces of jewelry together (pearls, beads and metal parts can rub);
  • Keep necklaces separately (so they won’t get stuck together);
  • Do not wear them while doing a make-up or smth like that (gemstones can lose its shine, soutache ribbon can collect grease, metals fade etc.).

Maintenance methods

  • After wearing, clean jewelry with dry soft cloth, to remove oil and dirt.
  • After cleaning, store it inside boxes or somewhere, where it is protected against the sun.
  • You can clean silver jewelry with baking soda and water mixture, also with toothpaste. After that, rinse it with water and dry with soft cloth.
  • You can clean non-precious metals with a dry cloth and if that doesn’t help, then with a damp soap-water cloth. To dry it, use dry and soft cloth again.

In addition to this, I have added little bit information about taking care of jewelries under every product we sell – so every jewelry can be beautiful for a long time 🙂 

Stay elegant 😉


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