Now, after having made jewelleries for a while and because the amount of them grew, I realized that I should exhibit and sell them more. And that required a name.


At the beginning, I actually hadn’t any clue where to put them online. The first place where I uploaded pictures about my jewelleries where portal called Buduaar. To be honest, I really didn’t want to show them to others – I was a little bit afraid – I knew that I was an amateur and lacked self-confidence. When someone really wanted to see my jewelleries, I sent them a link.

Time went on and soon I decided to create a Facebook page called LiisiJewellery. Not brilliant name but it worked well for a while.

One moment I felt that current name – LiisiJewellery – doesn’t suit me so well. Because for now, I had made jewelleries for a long time and it really was a passion to create them, I wanted to create my own brand. But here’s on BUT…The name wasn’t suitable.

I though a long time and after some time, a new name was born – Marlii. It sounded well and was derived from my and my husband name. Fits well! Or not. Because nowadays, one of the most important thing about business is internet marketing and it’s necessary to own domains and social media profiles with your name. Unfortunately, Marlii was taken in multiple places (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, email). I wanted to use a name which isn’t used in so many places already.

I wanted that my brand reflects more information about uniqueness and elegance. It should also give more space for future developments. So I continued name-search.


After a couple of days, a new name was born – Jeliis (derived from LiisiJewellery). BINGO! It suits well! Now I needed to check if this name has been used already somewhere. There were some places but I decided to just use the extra word then. At first, my husband suggested Fashion, but I didn’t like it. I decided that if necessary, I will add Beauty. We then checked if Jeliis / JeliisBeauty is available everywhere and of course, we created all accounts and also bought the domain name – better safe than sorry (there’s always the possibility that someone will register it before you). I’m very happy with name choice 🙂

When we talk about design and logo, then LiisiJewellery logo was quite multicolored and “noisy”. Business cards where beige-yellowish with black and pink text. In addition, some decorations. Nothing too ugly, but during years, my taste have changed and now I know exactly what I want.

Jeliis brand design is solid, clean and minimalistic – and I like it. It suits well with my brand nature and purpose.

Brand identity is made by my husband’s branding agency (VeeberMedia). He has proved him very well in this field and I suggest his company services very much. You can read more about his branding agency:

I have learned that starting and creating a brand can be very time-consuming and complicated. A lot of work is still ahead, but it’s worth it!


Stay elegant ;)!


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