In this blog post, I speak about my jewelleries quality and durability.

Probably many of you have though how durable handmade jewelleries actually are compared with mass-production?

I can and I give a guarantee with my own jewelleries. Especially this concerns soutache and bead embroidery technique. Why those? Because these are the jewelleries I create from scratch. I can control the process. I can choose materials, test it and I know how it lasts. All big gemstones are attached with glue and with extra edging, in addition to this many stones have an extra hole which gives me an opportunity to attach it even stronger. Also, all small pearls are attached multiple times to give them more strength.

How durable is durable?

If you take one of my bead embroidery jewelry and cut one of the nylon threads, approximately 2 pearls will fall down; if you “help” a little bit more, 4-5 pearls will fall. To break it totally, you really need to “work” harder. This means that if you really have worn this jewelry a very long time and for some reason nylon thread breaks, it won’t happen that you need to pick up all the pearls from the floor. Also, soutache technique jewelleries are fixed very strongly and it won’t break if you take care of it.

“Quality is pride of workmanship.” – W. Edwards Deming

For what I can’t give a guarantee?

Compared to the previous, I can’t give guarantees to different metal parts. I’ll give my best to choose the best & durable ones but I can’t fully control the quality of those. I can’t be sure that the color will not change after long periods, I can’t be sure how strong some metals are etc. You’ll probably know that even jewellery bought from the most expensive store can break – sometimes it just happens.

But in this case, I’m always there for my client. If anything should happen, I will do my best to help. I really want the client to be happy. I communicate with my clients like I would love they would communicate with me – that’s also one of the core values that Jeliis have.

“Customers may forget what you said but they’ll never forget how you made them feel. “ – Unknown

I really hope that you appreciate handmade jewelleries, time it takes to create them and quality & originality they have. 🙂

Stay elegant! 🙂


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