Hi! I’m Liisi, 22 years old Estonian and I’m am the designer and creator of these jewelleries. Besides that, I’m also a wife to my husband and mother to my child.

Everything started out from high school totally accidentally, when my classmate brought some handmade jewelleries to school.

I adored those so much and of course, I wanted to make my own jewelry after that. I asked classmate how do make them and where can I find materials. I had basically zero knowledge about this topic.

Discovering the world of beads.

When I reached home I was very excited. I rushed to the Internet and started researching. I spent all my month pocket-money – I even couldn’t tell that to my mom. Couple days went by and a package arrived with mail. The excitement was big! I have always loved interesting things and now, when the whole bag of new and interesting accessories and materials arrived, I couldn’t wait to start creating something. Of course, I didn’t find time to study for a school that evening.

First jewelleries.

My first jewelleries looked ordinary. With metal parts – some beads, pendant etc. Of course, I was very proud of them – my own first jewelleries. First products (earrings and bracelet) I gave to my mother. Afterward, I feel a little bit sorry for her. From one side, she is the lucky one who gets my first experiments – jewelleries which seem always better than previous ones. From another side, she’s the unlucky one who gets first rudimentary prototypes. Sorry!

Creating jewelleries isn’t actually some kind of nuclear physics. You don’t need the most fanciest resources and training. I have learned all my knowledge and skills by researching, trying and experimenting. I have visited only one jewelry training – that was about Shibori silk (somehow I didn’t research about that – I just went). Same story with different tools – actually I often use fully ordinary and everyday things to create jewelleries (ex. fork, glass tube, carpet knife etc.). Not that I don’t have the right tools – I just don’t need them so much. Shortly  – if you really want to do something, then just start doing and be creative with tools.


New posts will appear once a week. In next week article, I’ll tell you more how I discovered different techniques.


I hope that you’ll find something useful from every post I write – something that you can apply in your own life. Questions are very welcome – feel free to write – you can comment here, message me in Facebook or send me an email.

In the meantime, have a great week!


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