Soutache technique was founded in 14th century in France.

Soutache (sutass) is a flat decorative braid. In old times, it was used to decorate clothes, costumes, and hats. In addition to this, is were used with shoulder straps, collars, and uniforms (to show ranks etc.)

First jewelleries made with soutache came from Netherlands. Nowadays, Soutache is mainly used to create jewelleries – combined with different accessories and pearls.

Of course, there are many people who decorate clothes (mainly dresses) with Soutache too.

My experience.

As you can see, currently I’m doing mainly jewelleries with Soutache (necklaces, earrings, watches, bracelets, headband). I have tried to decorate a dress and it came out fine – but this is definitely a place where I need more experiences – decorating clothes is very time-consuming and hard work. To do it perfectly, you need to practice it a lot.

Future plans with Soutache.

What am I planning to do with Soutache in the future? Do I plan to use it somewhere else besides jewelleries?

At the moment, I stay with jewelleries. But as said before – I should learn more about decorating clothes. Life will show if I’ll do that 🙂

Stay elegant 🙂

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