In today’s post, I talk about how everyone can get extra 21 hours per week!

Quick example.

Let’s take one person and assume that (s)he wakes up at 8 o’clock, every day. (8 o’clock is an average time – (s)he may wake up at half past 6 in work days and at 10 in the weekends). But how to get extra time?

Easy trick – wake up earlier! Yes, I know, It seems easier said than done and it seems so obvious. But I really mean it. Been there, done that! 😉

How to do that?

The average person needs 7 hours sleep –  some need a little bit more, some less. If you wish to wake up earlier, then set yourself one certain time that should happen (make sure that you don’t make a huge jump from 10 am to 5 am – take things slower). If you wish to wake up at 5 in the morning, then you should fall asleep ~10 in the evening (which means you should go to bed half an hour earlier).

The positive thing about waking up at 5 is that whole world sleeps. Depends on what season it is but for me, winter is especially cozy time – when you wake, it’s dark and cold outside, everything is so quiet, but I can start doing my things. Make some tea or coffee, write a blog or answer emails, do some other work etc. Of course, it’s vital to think through last evening what you need to do, so you can be sure that you don’t waste time when you wake up. Make a good to-do list and start using it (you can use many different apps or even a pen and a paper).

For the time everyone else wakes up, you have completed so many things. For midday, you have probably done everything that you needed. But same time you know that half a day is still on and you can do so many different things more. This way you never have a lack of time. 

In addition to previous points, the positive thing about mornings it that there are no disturbing factors – no noise, no need to think other thoughts. Probably no-one writes you in social media or asks you to come shopping, to a cafe or something else. Nothing disturbs you. Nobody expects anything from you this time! – you can do YOUR things. And it works.

And that’s how you win extra 21 productive hours every week – you wake up 3 hours earlier and do the things that you enjoy and what will create better future for you! (let’s be honest, how much of us do productive things in the evening? Better go to sleep and wake up earlier and do your things then 🙂 )!

Stay elegant!


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