Time went by and I tried more and more. I found inspiration from the Google and I made everything possible to broaden my horizon. I discovered that there’s more than just simple jewelleries with metal parts. You can use clay, different ribbons, and beads etc. Day after day, I discovered new things – below I’ll write more what techniques I have learned with this time.



After using and testing clay, I managed to create beautiful roses and other flowers with it. It’s not mission impossible. I also started adding different crystals etc. into the clay. And I really fell in love with this technique, although it takes a lot of time.



After clay, I discovered some kind of ribbon (and I hadn’t any clue how to use it). But I was fascinated from the beginning. It was called Soutache technique. You can create so many different combinations with it. It’s very hard technique and to really master it, you need to use it for a long time. When I started with it, I had zero experience. I had no idea how to use or what to do with it. But I really wanted to learned it – and that’s how I started trying working with it.

The first time, it seemed impossible to use even only one ribbon. How about using 2, 3 or 4 different ribbons at once? Seemed impossible!

This time I used example picture which helped me to use the ribbon (sort-of) correctly. But I managed to create my first jewelry with it and it wasn’t the ugliest one ­čÖé After that, I tested, tested and tested with new jewelleries. For now, it’s one of my main techniques I use and there’s no problem to use 5 different ribbons at once.


Shibori silk

I discovered Shibori silk when I wanted to buy different materials for jewelleries. I found a jewellery e-commerce store which organized a Shibori silk workshop. I hadn’t heard about this technique before but the results seemed so beautiful. By the way, this workshop is the only one what I have visited! At first, this technique seemed also impossible. But I realized that this isn’t that hard – you just need to follow some simple steps.


…Bead Embroidery

Logical step after Shibori silk was bead embroidery. Also this I discovered via the Internet. You know, when you look beautiful pictures, then you just want to make them yourselves. And that’s how I started practicing. This is the technique which takes a lot of materials and you need to have a vision how this soon-to-be-made jewelry must look. The secret of all this beauty is a selection of beads. Smaller the beads, more correct and beaufiful end result will be. But when you use small beads, you need to make a lot more work. And it’s really hard to predict how much material you are going to spend.

Doing more and more bead embroidery, I discovered a way how to use bead embroidery to make a necklace which neckband is also made using beads.


…Crochet Chain with Beads

First bands of jewelleries weren’t crocheted. I just didn’t know that you can do that. Before that, I used a technique which wasn’t the prefect one – band was too rigid and not enough flexible. Time went by and I realized that I need to use a technique which will help me to create perfect results. I started researching and after hours of doing that, I found a solution –┬ácrochet chain with beads! After that, things started rolling – I was able to create so beautiful necklace bands which were much more correct and flexible. Making them takes A LOT of time, but the results are worth it.


The hardest part in making jewelleries is the first part of the process: finding an idea and creating a draft. Yes, you can find inspiration and example works, but when you are creating something unique from your own design, then it’s fully another story. Usually, I find ideas after searching for inspiration and then spending a lot of time researching different techniques.┬áThis is how unique jewelleries are made ­čÖé

Macrame is a technique which I haven’t used. I have tried it but haven’t fully mastered it yet. And to do it, you need a lot of time. This is not a technique that you can stop for a moment and then continue making. Maybe I’ll try it again in the future but at the moment, I’ll do what I love the most.

That’s it for this time. If you have any questions regarding this topic, feel free to write comments or write us via Facebook or email. Looking forward to answering your questions!


Until next week!


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