Hey! In today’s post, I’ll show you a little bit more how I created a custom-ordered jewelry set.


There is one wonderful woman who had had a trip and who brought some seashells with her. But not to let seashell just stand and because they were very special for her, she asked me if I can create some jewelleries from these shells. I hadn’t any clue how they looked (small and thin or bigger and stronger etc.). Because of that, I told her that I’ll take a look and then let her know.

I received them within a couple of days. They were very pretty – wonderful colors and very strong.

From the beginning, my favorites were light shells (darker are below), but that was just my opinion (because at the moment, my favorite color combination is gold-beige-white).seashell jeliis jeliisbeauty jewellery handmade beige white

I drafted some drawings to show her my vision – how can I do and create something. And I presented multiple versions with different colors. This way, the client have an opportunity to choose and maybe even come up with a new idea. Usually, when the client does not have any certain ideas, I offer them many different versions



The client chose a massive jewelry where I used light shells. After that, I started finding out what colors, materials and sizes client prefers. I also calculated the approximate price.


I considered 2 week period to create this kind of jewellery. 2 weeks may seem like a long time but actually there so much different aspects and a lot of them aren’t influenced by me.

But let me explain more. 2 week period starts rolling when a client gives me her approval. For there one, I start looking and comparing different materials, make orders and go shop something if needed (1 day). After that, I wait for my packages to arrive (2-3 days) – same time I can work with some different jewelleries. After I have received my packages, I can start working. After some days, I’ll also give feedback and show how things are working out and if there is anything that needs to be changed (waiting for an answer can take 1-3 days). After that, I can finish the jewelry and give another overview. And then I finish other necessary details (for example, earrings, bracelets etc.).

When we talk about this specific jewelry then before I was able to make earrings and bracelet, I need to wait a couple of days to get the right drill to create right holes inside the shells. Sometimes I also need to order new materials when something has changed (another 2 days). When I have everything necessary, then I can finish everything needed. And there you have 2 weeks. Unbelievable but true. Time goes fast. Usually, time spent creating a jewelry aren’t that big but waiting and searching can take up a big chunk of the time.

A lot of people do not realize why handmade jewelleries cost so much. But when you start looking where all that time goes and when you add creating a design, looking-comparing-ordering materials, client communications and many other small actions, the price can’t be lower.

I hope now you know more how time is spent when creating handmade jewelleries.


But now more about the process. Pictures say more than a thousand words 🙂


To sum it up, I can say that I really enjoyed making this jewellery. Its essence gives on everything Jeliis is about – elegance, beauty & femimity!

Big thanks to the client!

Stay elegant! 😉


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